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Going to the dentist is never really something that anyone looks forward to. In fact, it could be safe to say that most people dislike even having to look at a Florence SC dentist ad in the phonebook while they are searching for a

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new dentist. However, if you find a professional dentist who does great work, cares about his patients, and also does the best he can to make sure that you are comfortable while in the dentist chair, taking a trip to the dentist is not going to be the chore it is right now.

Finding a great Florence SC dentist is not too hard if you know what to look for. Here are four things that every person should look for when finding a new dentist.

You should always make sure that the dentist that you choose actually is a licensed dentist. Many people lose teeth due to illegal dentistry every year. Ask to see the degree, and ask for their license number if necessary.

Always look at what customers say about any Florence SC dentist you are looking for. Bad reviews will always translate into poor customer service, possibly bad dental work, and a dentist who just doesn”t really care about how you feel while he is working on your teeth. Look for great reviews, and don”t settle for any less.

Experience is also a major factor when it comes to choosing an excellent dentist. Sure, going to med school is experience enough to be able to do most things, but it is always better to look for a dentist who has had at least 5

Picture of Richard L Nash and his staff

Richard L Nash and his professional staff

years of experience in the real world of dentistry. More experience means that a dentist will be able to pick up on minute details that others may not be able to, and that they may be able to prevent other issues from happening before others even know it is a problem.

Check out the way that each Florence SC dentist answers their phone. If it is answered in a curt, unprofessional manner, don”t go to that dentist. That is a clear sign that they will be unprofessional with your dentistry work, too. Can you really trust your teeth to an unprofessional dentist?

One of the best Florence SC dentist offices is the office of Dr. Richard Nash. With years and years of experience, a degree from one of the best dentistry schools in Ohio, and a caring heart, Dr. Nash and his highly trained staff have been helping people get the healthy, sparkling white smiles that they want. Every review that Dr. Nash”s office has had has extolled his exceptionally caring attitude, high vast knowledge on all the latest technology in dentistry, and his mastery of dental techniques. Consultations are available on a near-daily basis, so if you want a Florence SC dentist that will really care about your oral health, make sure to give Dr. Nash a call as soon as possible.